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  To-Go Kits  

Create your masterpiece
AT HOME with our kits!

We are now offering TO-GO kits from our Fox Valley Studio. Simply choose your pieces below and place your order online. We'll pack up your kit and have it ready for pick-up in most cases same day. Easy peasy and fun for the whole family!


1. Choose your piece from our ONLINE SHOP below.

​Our ONLINE SHOP includes a variety of custom items to choose from.

2. Specify your colors and glazes.

​​Browse our samples for ideas, tips, and tools. Stickers, stencils, stamps and sponges are available to create unique works of art. Even if you’ve never painted before, we can get you started and you will be amazed at what you can create. 

3. Curb-side pick-up

​We now offer curb-side pick-up that will be ready in most cases same day! Simply complete your order and pay. We'll let you know when it'll be ready.

4. Paint AT HOME

​We recommend you set-up your space with a plastic tablecloth (or a shopping bag under each piece would work too). Have a clean glass of water for each painter and away you go. Please remember: 1. Paint on your lightest colors first. 2. The layers of glaze determine the lightness or darkness of your colors. 3. Allow for dry time between layers of glaze. (A blow dryer can be used to speed drying.) Enjoy this time together at home until you can be in our studio again. 

5.  Firing or Completion

Pottery: Once you have painted your pottery pieces, simply bring them back for curb-side drop-off. We will then apply a clear glaze and then it will visit our kiln and be fired to a glossy glass finish. Wood pieces: complete once dry and can be enjoyed right away.

6. Pick-up

​Upon completion we will arrange for curb-side pick-up! It's that easy!

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Almost any age can paint. Generally, skill comes with time and practice no matter the age.


It all depends on your design and inspiration. But many pieces take about an hour to paint, while your more detailed ones can take 3-4+ hours.

Pottery Pieces

range from $18 to $75

supplies and firing included in cost


Your piece will be ready for pick-up within 5 to 7 business days, unless we tell you otherwise at time of creation.

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