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  Holidays & Handprints  

Holidays & Special Occasions

Create a Holiday themed gift or a keepsake for yourself. Choose from plates, platters, mugs, bowls, ornaments, wall art and more.

Any holiday or idea can be:

  • Painted on Pottery, Canvas or Board

  • Imprinted in Clay

  • Made with Fused Glass

  • and more

Hand & Foot Prints

Capture the memory of that little hand or foot today in a variety of ways.

We can help you:

  • Paint them on Pottery, Canvas or Board

  • Imprint them in Clay

  • Trace them and fill them in with Fused Glass

  • and more

  • Personalize almost any art form we offer

Patriotic Pottery
Valentine's on Pottery
Holidays on Canvas
Custom Halloween Pumpkin
Father's Day Pottery and Prints
Winter themed Fused Glass
Handprint Reindeer
Family Keepsake for Any Occasion
Hand-built Clay Valentines
St Patricks Day Pottery
Fused Glass Snowman
Mother's Day Pottery
Board Art Pumpkin
Hands and Feet for Christmas
Teacher Gift
Cookies for Santa Pottery
Handprint Mug Pottery
Fathers Day Pottery and Prints
Fused Glass Hands
Clay Impression Hands
Pottery Painting Handprints
Clay Impression Hand Personalized
Pottery Painted Hand Print
Pottery Painting Feet Prints
Christmas Platter with Hand and Feet
Clay Hand Impression
Painted Pottery Hand Print Reindeer
Handprint Mug Pottery
Pottery Painting - Hand Santa
Hand Impression Clay Personalized
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